GIDITRAFFIC, the one-stop online platform for answering any type of inquiry, is excited to announce the addition of another app to its growing stable – the GIDITRAFFIC app for Android devices.

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Since its inception in 2011, the GIDITRAFFIC community has risen from a platform of just a handful of followers to a vibrant online community consisting hundreds of thousand active and contributing users. The success of this community lies in the fact that real people post real updates in real-time, thus providing “human” solutions and “human” answers to inquiries in a way that machines and automation simply cannot achieve – try asking Google where the nearest “suya” joint in your area is!

The much-anticipated GIDITRAFFIC app for Android devices gives you direct access to the GIDITRAFFIC community from the convenience of your Android device. This version was birthed out of a growing need to make the GIDITRAFFIC service more accessible to people on the go – continuing the GIDITRAFFIC app family with the Android platform, and with other mobile platforms in the pipeline. Following the widespread positive reception of both the GIDITRAFFIC app for Nokia Asha(launched in 2012) and the GIDITRAFFIC app for Windows Phone { } (launched in 2013), the GIDITRAFFIC app for Android is set to continue in the footsteps of its app predecessors, bringing the wealth of the GIDITRAFFIC community within easy reach of its teeming users who own Android devices.

So what’s new with this release? After downloading and testing we discovered, the GIDITRAFFIC app incorporates a powerful arsenal of cool features. One of these is social sharing, which allows you to share a post, traffic/security Alert to all your social media channels, to friends’ email addresses and also via SMS to non-Internet compliant phones (specifically, those friends and family currently not online or on social media). Others include the route search function, the ability to save route searches for quick one-tap results anytime (You don’t want to hit the roads without first using this feature, trust me), streamlined text, photo and video timelines to get a visual feel of live traffic status. which you can filter according to your location and State, as the GIDITRAFFIC App covers All States (Nigerian states only for now), handy instant notifications that give you alerts for replies to your inquiries, the ability to post text, photo and video updates, and much more. All these come FREE to users of the app.

The GIDITRAFFIC app for Android also comes with standard features such as profile and password management (reset your forgotten password at any time using a convenient link). What’s more, the app allows direct replies to posts in the timeline – meaning that “Lending Each Other An Eye” whilst on the go just got easier and more convenient.

GIDITRAFFIC always says that you don’t have to do something huge to make a difference – even that “little” traffic update posted could save someone in a big way. Daily, testimonials are trooping in attesting to the life-changing events that take place within the GIDITRAFFIC community – people getting jobs, stolen property recovered, people in danger rescued, to mention but a few. It all comes from the power of being together in the GIDITRAFFIC community – a community which is happily welcoming users of Android devices into its growing family.

Hey iOS and BlackBerry users, relax – the GIDITRAFFIC app will be coming your way VERY soon!

Download the GIDITRAFFIC app to your Android device here { }  and experience the power of “Lending Each Other An Eye”.



“Lending Each Other An Eye”


Created To Ease Stress By Providing On-The-Go Traffic Updates And Information As Regards General Inquiries. Lending Each Other An Eye.

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