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5 Ways to Safeguard Against Violence to Children

Worrisome Times Earlier this week, a video purportedly showing a child caregiver molesting the little girl in her care went viral online, causing public outcry. This video was said to have been taken via a hidden camera installed by the child’s parents after the child was observed to have exhibited unusual behaviour – refusing food […]

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Ever wondered what those blinking or stagnant blips on your dashboard meant? wonder no more, here you’ll find a list of dashboard indicators and what they symbolize. Since cars don’t speak English, the only way they can communicate their health and well-being to us is through symbols and indicators on your car’s instrument cluster. Color […]

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Safety and You – Emergency Contacts

Tuesday evening. Paul and Nene Shak’s home. It’s 9:45pm. Nene Shak is just returning from a hectic work day. ***************************************** PAUL: Well hello you. How was work today? NENE: Pretty hectic dear. My boss comes from hell, I swear! PAUL: Aww…poor wifey. Don’t worry – better days ahead. NENE: Tell me about it – at […]

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