Safety and You – Emergency Contacts

Tuesday evening. Paul and Nene Shak’s home. It’s 9:45pm.

Nene Shak is just returning from a hectic work day.


PAUL: Well hello you. How was work today?

NENE: Pretty hectic dear. My boss comes from hell, I swear!

PAUL: Aww…poor wifey. Don’t worry – better days ahead.

Mr and Mrs Shak_1

NENE: Tell me about it – at least you get to work from home. I really envy you now!

PAUL: Well – you can always join me if you want…but that’s talk for some other time. You look really tired. How was traffic?

NENE: Like you seriously need to ask! It was bad – as usual. And to make matters worse today, there was an accident!

PAUL: What! Oh no – not these “ember months” road crashes again. Where was this?

NENE: On Third Mainland bridge. We had to wait for about forty-five minutes while the road, rescue and traffic authorities cleared the scene. All this was during the evening rush hour!

PAUL: Wow. You could have called though. I was worried when you started to run later than usual.

NENE: I’m sorry – I meant to. But I ran out of phone credits at the office, and I was in a hurry to leave for home – so I didn’t bother to top up. I thought I would be home in good time.

PAUL: Hmm – that’s tough.Though it’s always a good idea to have your phone topped up at all times. Thank goodness you were not involved in any mishaps along the way – but imagine you got stuck or something?

NENE: I know. I overlooked it this time…

PAUL: Please be careful. It may not necessarily be for you – for instance, the rescue officials could have reached the scene earlier if someone was able to call immediately on their mobile phone – someone like you. I hope no one died?

NENE: Fortunately no. I overheard the officials saying the two drivers involved were seriously injured – but that they will both make it. Different story for their cars though!

PAUL: I’m happy to hear that there was no loss of life. We all need to be extra careful on the road. And we both know that some criminal elements will be looking to commit more crimes during this period so they can celebrate their “Christmas”.

NENE: Yes, we all need to be very careful. I will note this important point – I wouldn’t want to be stuck along the way in the middle of an emergency with no means of contacting you or anyone…

PAUL: True. Do you also have the emergency numbers stored on your phone? The toll-free line for Lagos?

NENE: That 911 number?

PAUL: No darling – it’s 767. And there’s also 112.

NENE: I’ll store them both now. Meanwhile – how was your day?…


Personal safety is everyone’s business.

Be aware that emergencies do not give you advance warning – always make sure your mobile phone is sufficiently charged and loaded with call credits when you are mobile. Have the toll-free emergency numbers for your state/area stored on your phone. You – or someone close to you – may need it!

Remember to stay safe always.



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