The “Six to Fix” – 6 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

Health is wealth, they say.

(or is it the other way round? (Nah, just kidding!)

Here’s a quick Health Check of 6 things daily will help you improve your lifestyle right now – regardless of your age, location or stress levels.


  1. Drink Water – Your body uses up fluids overnight while you sleep, which is why you wake up feeling thirsty. Fill up with a refreshing glass of water once you get up, and keep refreshed throughout the day (8 glasses a day is the recommended quota – approximately a glass every one and a half hours you’re awake). Not only would your body be refreshed, but you’ll also be helping your metabolism with nature’s own (free) detox!
  2. Get Active – For most people in busy locations working desk jobs, the tendency to be less active increases with age, upgrade in social status and progression up the career ladder. They go from desk to car (most times not driving). to comfortable home, back to the car, to their desks – you get the drift. However, numerous studies show that the body was not designed to be inactive, and indeed a sedentary lifestyle outs one at risk of many health problems – including heart disease, obesity and even diabetes. So – get more active! Move around a bit more. If you can, ditch the car sometimes and walk (wherever possible). Your blood circulation will improve and you will be in great shape in no time!
  3. Fruits and Vegetables – Dietitians recommend 5-6 servings (about 6 tablespoonfuls) of fruits and vegetables every day. The best way to achieve this is to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily (yes, daily)  diet. Remember – the more colourful your plate, the healthier it is. Have fruits as a healthy snack alternative to fried and processed junk foods. Eat more leafy dishes with less starchy content. Chew on nuts between meals.

    “The more colourful your plate, the healthier it is.”

  4. Get Checked – Schedule a visit to the hospital once every 6 months to make sure everything is in order. Most diseases (including heart issues, diabetes and cancer) are preventable and/or treatable once discovered early. Don’t wait until you feel funny before hitting the hospital – ensure you get regular checks in good time.
  5. Sleep! – The recommended minimum is 6-7 hours a night for adults – but many urban dwellers can find reaching this quota is a major challenge. However don’t let this discourage you. Wherever possible, try to catch a good night’s rest. Some people find they need to make certain lifestyle adjustments (such as getting a driver to take off the pressure of waking up early to drive, or even moving closer to work during the week). Just examine your specific circumstances and make sure you are clocking your sleep hours as much as possible – your body will thank you for it!


Here’s an idea: Let’s know how your quest for health and wellness is going!


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