Traffic Robbery! How To Secure Yourself


If you live in the bustling, cosmopolitan commercial metropolis known as Lagos (South West Nigeria), you would have observed a recent upsurge in armed crime. Barely three months after a change of government (in May 2015) the security situation has become chaotic. Robberies are now a daily occurrence as armed hoodlums now operate with impunity, unleashing terror on innocent citizens. Lately, it has become the norm to hear of armed robberies in places such as banks and shops, traffic jams and homes. There has been a massive public outcry against this trend. It goes without saying that the security situation has indeed deteriorated.

In spite of what many see as the state government’s lukewarm response to this situation, this trend unfortunately appears to continue unabated.

What can you do to keep yourself safe as you move about? Here are some tips to observe while you are in traffic jams.

  • If riding in a vehicle, ensure all valuables are kept out of sight
  • Make sure that all of the vehicle’s locks are pinned down
  • Avoid being distracted by your mobile phone or your vehicle’s radio while driving
  • Be observant. Robbers depend on the element of surprise to catch a victim unawares. Pay attention to anyone who seems out of place on the road.
  • Invest in your personal safety: Get pepper sprays, stun guns and the likes as a first line of defense. Learn how to use them and keep them handy.

A vehicle vandalized during a traffic robbery. Photo credit: @Azolad/Twitter

  • Have the toll-free emergency numbers (767 and 112 for Lagos) handy on your phone. Also keep handy a list of important people to reach in case of an emergency
  • If attacked, ensure you are unharmed at all costs. Do not argue, struggle or try to resist an armed assailant. It is better to give up your possessions than to get injured or even killed
  • Wherever possible, avoid late-night or solo trips where you could be an easy target for roadside robbers
  • Ensure your vehicle is well maintained so as not to develop a breakdown in an uncomfortable spot where you could be easily attacked
  • Avoid unfamiliar routes, especially while driving alone or at night
  • When driving, leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front. You never know when you might need to make a quick getaway
  • As much as possible, avoid patronizing street hawkers during traffic jams. Some hawkers are actually robbers in disguise who are looking for the slightest opportunity to attack motorists with a weapon.

Remember, your personal security is your responsibility.

Stay safe!


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