Are you still sending nude pictures?? Save yourself

In today’s contemporary world nudity is celebrated in almost every sector, from the music videos to advertorials. Wrong is the new right and right the new wrong. This pretty much explains the topic we’re discussing today. What really is wrong in sending nude pictures to people, be them pictures or videos? This is gradually being seen as a norm among adults and youths.

Little wonder we keep hearing about leaked sex tapes and nude pictures. The most recent being that of a pastor who sent a picture of his manhood (Nude photo) to his church WhatsApp group. The picture was supposedly meant for a female church member who he was apparently having an affair with, given the caption.

He committed suicide because he couldn’t bear the humiliation. Suicide, in my opinion shouldn’t have been the answer.

Another story that made waves was about an Italian young lady who sent a sex tape to her ex-boyfriend to make him jealous, and the said video went viral on social media. She couldn’t bear the embarrassment anymore even after winning the legal battle to have it taken off the internet. She also committed suicide.

As a journalist, I enjoy hearing firsthand information from people directly. Today’s Woman took to the streets to get people’s opinion on this issue that has become a disturbing trend in the society.

Debola, a Businesswoman, had this to say: “I have actually sent nude pictures to my boyfriend on so many occasions. I felt I should because it strengthens our love for each other. I don’t want him thinking about other ladies like that. So when he asked I obliged him”.

Opera, an undergraduate : “I do it all the time. I’ve been with my boyfriend since 200 level and we’re both in our final year, its normal. I feel he has seen my nakedness and so it’s cool. Besides I don’t send my face, just from the waist down. Chike who works in one of the telecoms companies does not think there is anything wrong with it. He says “I’ve actually asked my girl to send me her nude pictures. It’s just something for me to look forward to whenever I’m alone and so that I would be thinking about her. She’s not always around. It’s not really a big deal”

32-year-old Ebiere, reacts strongly against it. “I can’t think of doing that. Apart from it being disgusting, it’s also morally wrong. What if you fallout with your guy and he uses that to spite you by posting it online?

You never can tell. You hear about many leaked nudes and sex tapes these days, girls that still do that need to stop and think.” Morenike, a banker would not stand it. “I met a man and I liked him when we started chatting. After that day he sent me a text that I should send him my nude picture, just my lower part. I found it disgusting and I told him so. He told me that I was old-schooled and that it was in vogue. It was the end of our interaction.

Jide, a gym instructor : “It’s not really a big deal. I believe if you trust yourselves in the relationship then it shouldn’t be a problem. Truth is, I’ve asked my fiancé to send me her nudes, she refused at first but I assured her that it’s all good. It’s just a way for me to excite myself whenever she’s not around” From the feedback above, it can be seen that three out every five persons have done it. It is mostly MEN that ask for nudes. Some do not see anything wrong in sending nude. There are grave consequences for both the sender and the receiver.

As recent happenings have shown, it never ends well. It is never right to send nudes, no matter how we try to justify it. It is so WRONG. There are men who show their fellow men in offices and even in some social gatherings the nudes of some of the girls that they have gone out with. They crack jokes over it. Some pride with such pictures. What if the person you’re sending it to betrays your trust and shares the picture with his friends and reveals the person? Some do so. What if someone stumbles on it while scrolling through your phone or your partner’s. What if after a bad parting , your partner decides to hurt you by making the picture go viral? Can you deal with the aftermath? It can be horrendous. That everyone is doing it now does not make it right. Some actually send inside of the real thing. And feel good when their men confirm the pictures make them crazy. To all the ladies out there, you may want to reconsider before sending that nude photo or video. Unless you have plans to turn it into a million-dollar business like the famous Kim Kardashian (which I very much doubt, in a country like ours) then there is absolutely no reason to let the world see you in your birthday suit. Think of the possible consequences before you send or post that part of you that should remain private and even sacred .

Source: Vanguard

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  1. I think the world is moving too quickly beyond the realm of guilt and shame for nudity to a point where its all just normal… So chill bro.

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