Your Safety is Paramount: A Road Users Experience

Friday 16th Sept. 7.20 pm:
“This evening, about an hour ago to be precise, I turned off the 3rd mainland bridge by the Muson Centre exit, it was unusually quiet and I counted myself lucky as I won’t have to be in the usual traffic.

All of a sudden, just as I was approaching the front of the Muson Centre, the maruwa I had overtaken on my descent drove up right next to me, so close that one of them used his hand to slap the side of my car. Everything happened so quickly that I had no idea what had actually happened . Naturally you get angry at this kind of thing and I was! It was my colleague who was riding with me that told me they hadn’t hit the car with the maruwa but hit it with their hands.

Anyway, they turned to go under the bridge heading for VIctoria island and I did the same. There were still no other cars in sight. Disappointed that we did not give the expected reaction by stopping to accuse them of hitting my car, they then started driving zig-zag, in a way that would force us to stop and they were sticking their heads out and looking for a fight. We then noticed that they were four male hooligans in the maruwa. Whilst I was still livid, my colleague spotted that they were robbers trying to force us to stop. I managed to drive past them and the next time they were able to catch up with us was just as we were approaching the bridge by Bonny camp and there were armed policemen on the other side of the road. They knew it was over. They drove past us, yelling all sorts that I didn’t hear as my windows were wound up.

I am still shaken from the experience. Please let us all be vigilant, careful and please please ignore any kind of road rage!!! It is being used to get a reaction from the target, unsettle the person and then they will have the opportunity to strike .”


My Advise:

If you suspect that a particular car has been following you consistently for a while, look for a roundabout and turn 180 degrees to where you were coming from to confirm. If the car execute same 180, its a confirmation that you are being followed. Drive into the nearest Police Station or Checkpoint.

If anybody hits your vehicle, pls this is not the time to claim rights, just ‘charge the person to God’ s Court’ and go your way.

Ensure your AC, Brake and Horn are in good condition. Always rolled up your windows at low speed and traffic hold up. This prevent rogues from stretching hands into your car to snatch your valuables.

If anybody tells you to roll down your windows in a traffic hold up, please don’t do it. If he threatens you too much, you can call attention to yourself by:
1) Pressing the horn repeatedly,
2) Activating the Emergency lights and other lights,
3) Ramming the vehicle in front, beside or behind you.

These will definitely draw attention to you and will prevent the rogue, kidnapper etc from achieving his aim.

Above all, let us immerse ourselves in the blood of the Lamb and put ourselves under the shadow of the Almighty God.

About King Alex

A simple individual that wants to make an impact

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