You think you know how to sleep properly? Wait till you read this😁😁😁

1. Do you know how to stand properly?


2. How do you carry your backpack? fb_img_1475337096215

3. Proper way to sleep (Neck Alignment)


4. Ideal driving posture





5. Do you think you know how to sleep properly?


6. How to sit and ensure you don’t have back pain


7. I bet you don’t know the proper way to handle your phone. Something most of us can’t do without.


8. How to sit properly in front of a computer system (desktop and laptop)


9. How to hold a baby so you don’t hurt your back.


10. Right posture in carrying a baby



11. How to life a heavy object


Which one have you been guilty of?

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A simple individual that wants to make an impact

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