U.S. Consulate General awards N116, 08m grant to 29 Nigerians

The United States Consulate General has yesterday awarded about $381,220 (N116,08m) grant to 29 entrepreneurs in Lagos. The grants were given to two categories of entrepreneurs, which comprise 23 small grants and six recipients who are helping to implement the U.S Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, (CYFI) In his remark, the U.S Consul General, John Bray, said: “The United States Mission to Nigeria is proud to stand with you in your efforts, because we share those priorities with you. Group photo of the grantees with the Consul General F. John Bray during the grant awards ceremony held at the U.S.

Consulate General Lagos on Friday “We are also recognizing a unique award to the Co-Creation Hub. The Co-Creation Hub is a partner of the U.S. Mission to Nigeria to set up and operate a new Priority American Space at their business incubation facility in Yaba, Lagos.

“This Priority American Space will, when ready, be a publicly accessible space for Nigerians to access a broad range of information and materials about the United States and our culture, take part in English language learning; learn about opportunities to study in the United States, and especially to participate in programs on technology and entrepreneurship.” He also said that, all recipients are working to solve hugely important problems for your communities in southern Nigeria.

“With mentors from the U.S. Consulate, these outstanding young women and men design and work on projects that improve the health, economic empowerment, education, and good governance of their communities,” Bray noted.

He noted that with regards to the awards, that the U.S seek to increase the capacity of non-governmental organizations and individuals to strengthen communities, and also bring in more opportunity to Nigerians through their creative projects that have lasting benefits in society.

The U.S. Consulate in Lagos began the CYFI Initiative in 2011 to encourage community service through energetic young leaders.

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/10/u-s-consulate-general-awards-n116-08m-grant-29-nigerians/

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