Morning Rituals

​*What Is a Morning Ritual?*


This has nothing to do with calabash and palm oil.

A morning ritual is actually a series of intentionally created tasks that you undertake each morning to fuel your mind and body and that also helps you to maintain focus.

And you may change your morning rituals from time to time based on what your goals are at the time.

The basics of all morning ritual are focused on the fact that you need a great mind and great body to be able to achieve your goals in life.

So, what you do each morning is to fuel your mind and strengthen your body so that they are well equipped to help you meet your targets.

This instantly sets you apart from the millions of people who wake up each day and go around with a feeble mind, a weak spirit and a broken body.

There is no way you are going to achieve any success like that.

*Here is An Example of a Morning Ritual of one of My Mentors*

*1.* Wakes up by 5am

*2.* He grabs his jotpad to write down his goals (by the way, Brian Tracy recommends that doing this will have a powerful impact on your life) 

3.* He urinates and washes his face

4.* He does a 25 minutes workout (This will give you energy for the rest of the day)

5.* He gets in the bathroom to shower

6.* He grabs a book to read

7.* Eats breakfast

8.* Listens to music that pumps up his spirit while driving to work

As you can see, his morning ritual is intentionally designed to remind him of his focus, drive up his energy, and pump up his spirit.

Mine is a bit different, but you can model that to setup your own Morning Rituals, it will revolutionize your day and journey of life. 

Do you know you can have better experience that will make your morning rituals classic? 

Check it out here:

Have a sweet night rest 

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