GidiTraffic’s Interviews

Phew! In between non-stop posting and re-tweeting of live traffic updates in and around the country, as well as catching you up on answers to all your enquiries, GidiTraffic has also had to do some explaining about what the service is about.

Missed an interview? Simply click any of the links below:

1. The Shorty Interview with GidiTraffic 08 March 2012
2. BBC – Lagos mystery Gidi Traffic tweeter reveals identity 30 March 2012
3. Spaces for Change – Gidi Traffic Tweeter Proves that One Man Can Change the World 30 March 2012
4. Luvnosa – Meet Twitter’s Own Gidi Traffic 08 April 2012
5. RISE Networks – Rise twitterview with Gidi_Traffic [Storify] 03 July 2012
6. AWP Network – Gidi Traffic Uses Social Media for Social Good 23 August 2012
7. OMG Nigeria Interview: Kaptin Idoko of Gidi Traffic! 28 September 2012
8. Porsche Classy Magazine (PCM) Exclusive Interview with GidiTraffic 25 November 2012
9. GV Exclusive Interview: ”I do it alone. I don’t have a team”! Gidi Traffic Speaks 11 December 2012
10. Fake 9ja News Interviews GidiTraffic 18 January 2013

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