GIDITRAFFIC Keyword Glossary


On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of keywords used on the GIDITRAFFIC platform. These terms include location tags as well as common traffic terms (“B2B”, anyone?). These keywords are fully searchable on all GIDITRAFFIC platforms, which means that you can place them in your posts as well as search for specific locations with them. (How cool is that? 🙂 )

Here we go:

Traffic terms

Term              Definition
#ATM At The Moment
#B2B Bumper to Bumper (Extremely slow traffic)
#BEWARE Beware – dangerous situation/hotspot
#CAUTION Exercise caution
#FARES Commercial transport fares
#FLIGHT Commercial airline flight schedule
#G2G Good to Go (Free flowing traffic)
#NOTE Take Note
#NOTICE Public Notice/general information
#PHOTO Photograph attached
#RAIL Information concerning rail transport
#REPORT Situation report (aside regular traffic update)
#SAFETY Safety tip/concern
#SBS Slow but steady
#UPDATE Update on a situation report
#RTA Road Traffic Accident

Location tags

Keyword Description
#3RDMB 3rd Mainland Bridge (Lagos state)
#3MB 3rd Mainland Bridge (Lagos state)
#ABEOKUTAEXPWAY Abeokuta expway (Interstate)
#AGEGE Agege (Lagos state)
#AGEGEmtrRD Agege Motor Road (Lagos state)
#AJAH Ajah (Lagos state)
#APAPA Apapa (Lagos state)
#AWOLOWO_Rd Awolowo Road, Ikoyi (Lagos state)
#BADAGRYEXPWAY Badagry Expressway (Lagos state)
#FUNSHOWILLIAMS Funsho Williams Avenue (Lagos state) formerly Western Avenue – see also #WESTERN_A
#GBAGADAEXPWAY Gbagada expressway (Lagos state)
#HerbertMacaulayWay Herbert Macaulay Way (Lagos state)
#IBADAN Ibadan (Oyo state)
#IBADANEXPWAY Ibadan Expressway (Interstate)
#IJORA Ijora (Lagos state)
#IKORODU Ikorodu (Lagos state)
#IKORODURD Ikorodu Road (Lagos state)
#IKOYI Ikoyi (Lagos state)
#LagosOreEXP Lagos – Ore expressway (Interstate)
#LEKKI Lekki (Lagos state)
#MBA Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja (Lagos state)
#MILE12 Mile12 (Lagos state)
#MILE2 Mile2 (Lagos state)
#OLDABEOKUTARD Old Abeokuta Rd (Interstate)
#ORE Ore Town (Ondo state)
#ORILE Orile (Lagos state)
#OWODE Owode (Lagos state)
#PORTHARCOURT Port Harcourt (Rivers state)
#WESTERN_A Western Avenue (Lagos state)


To Search for Traffic Reports On @Gidi_Traffic (Twitter), Simply go to the search bar available on your twitter application and Type “Gidi_Traffic + Location keyword” And search e.g To Search for reports on IKEJA Just type “Gidi_Traffic IKEJA”  on the search bar


Are you rocking the GIDITRAFFIC App on your Phone yet?

The GIDITRAFFIC app, specially designed to make sending and receiving traffic info and updates on the go a breeze. Click here to download the GIDITRAFFIC App on your Windows Phone. To Download on your Android devices click here


To SEARCH for reports on The GIDITRAFFIC App, simply go to the search feature and type the keyword of interest e.g To Search for reports on OZUMBA MBADIWE Ave, Just type OZUMBA in the search bar and search.


Or to search for reports on ‘Market’



Learn more on how to use the GIDITRAFFIC App for Windows phones here.

We’ll keep updating this page, so don’t forget to check back often! Cheers!!

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  1. Gidi Traffic has evolved to become Nigeria’s most trusted information platform. Great Work!

  2. Im loving this.

  3. Good one.

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