Talking About GidiTraffic

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Since its inception in 2011, GidiTraffic as a service has become for many that much-needed answer to many of life’s pressing issues. Imagine having thousands of people handy with responses to your inquiries! That’s the power of the people.  🙂

Here are some further perspectives on GidiTraffic:

(Business Day Online) GidiTraffic, the man who knows it all? 08 February 2013
(Vanguard) GidiTraffic grabs social media award nomination 07 March 2012
(TheBlogdeck) Social Media Traffic Giant, Gidi Traffic Introduces “The Gidi Traffic Nokia App” 28 December 2012
(Living and Free Blog) Gidi Traffic Unveiled! 19 March 2012
(OMG) Mystery man behind @Gidi_Traffic tweeter handle and Shorty awards nominee revealed! 30 March 2012
(IT News Africa) Lagos Traffic Takes Nigerian To New York 09 March 2012

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One Response to “Talking About GidiTraffic”

  1. Good morning i love dis site because i what to be your panter

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